Shocker! Egyptian Actress Rogena, say Fans, Works for Money!

Published August 7th, 2017 - 12:22 GMT
Rogena with actor Samir Ghanem. (Instagram / rogenaofficial)
Rogena with actor Samir Ghanem. (Instagram / rogenaofficial)

Actress Rogena has been forced to defend herself against accusations from who said she wouldn’t have taken a job on “Qalbi Ma’i” (My Heart is With Me) if it weren’t for the money.

The actress stated that she accepted her role on the popular TV show because of her admiration for it, adding that “if money was [her] only concern, [she]…would have had a busier Ramadan season.”

The actress added that she was grateful for the show, which allowed her to work with “different Arab actors and actresses from a range of Arab countries.”

Realising that the accusations stemmed from My Heart is With Me being a Gulf TV series, Rogena, who is Egyptian, said that Arabic art sought to bridge between nationalities, adding that numerous Egyptian actors had worked in the Gulf in the past.

It was unclear at publication time whether said “fans” had realised that actors and actresses usually work for money.

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