Singer Amar: My Dad Was Killed When I Was One Year Old and My Mum Me in a Shelter

Published January 6th, 2021 - 08:40 GMT
Singer Amar: My Dad Was Killed When I Was One Year Old and My Mum Abandoned Me To Live in a Shelter

Lebanese singer Amar has been hosted by Tammam Bleick in his talk show 'With Tammam' on Jadeed TV.

During the interview Amar focused on her painful past indicating that she does not wish to return to poverty, adding that she could not reproach her late mother for not working to raise her in a better condition.

About her father, Amar said that he had been killed when she was one year old, and her mother had left her due to some health crisis which led Amar to being uneducated and lacking awareness until she married man, then ended up in a shelter.

The Lebanese singer continued that she hates poverty because she had suffered a lot, she also said that she does not wish to continue in the current wealth in light of all these hardships that she endures.

Amar clarified that she turned out to be like this because of the tough circumstances she's experienced, including her mother's ignorance and lack of care for her upbringing as well as growing up alone without family.

The controversial star added that she was exposed to injustice by those close to her, in addition to the war conditions in her country when she was young.

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