Sister, Sister! Arab starlets who helped their siblings become famous actresses

Published May 4th, 2017 - 12:45 GMT
sisterly love between successful actresses Ayten and Wafaa Amer. (Hiamag)
sisterly love between successful actresses Ayten and Wafaa Amer. (Hiamag)

Sisters are not only each other's best friends, but in many cases, they're each other's life mentors! 

Besides that being inspirational and oh-so-sweet, it also happens to be a feature that's worked in many aspiring actresses' favor, whose siblings happened to be famous Arab actresses.

Take Donia Samir Ghanem, for example. The Egyptian starlet became an actress at a young age and years before her younger sister, Amy, decided to follow in her sis's footsteps. Donia trained Amy and gave her every single tip there is about acting, until she became one of the Arab world's most beloved comedy actresses today.

Alexandria native Wafaa Amer is another actress so supported her sister, Ayten, at the beginning of her acting career. While Donia trained Amy on the art of acting, Wafaa, 48, only dished out advice to her 30-year-old sister. Why, you ask? Rumor has it that Wafaa never wanted Ayten to have the same career as her. Sorry, Waf, Ayten is one of our fave Egyptian actresses. 

Finally, we reach the talented Selim/Hamdan sisters. Mai Selim is well known for her many acting roles, so is her elder sibling Mais Hamdan (who has killer vocals too) and their eldest sis Dana Hamdan, who has become a serious actress thanks to Mai's support and using her fame to get her sis some acting roles at the beginning of her career. 

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