SK Broadband Sues Netflix's Squid Game

Published October 4th, 2021 - 10:23 GMT
Squid Game on track to become Nextflix’s biggest show of all time
Squid Game on track to become Nextflix’s biggest show of all time
Squid Game is a disturbing yet intriguing TV show.

Squid Game is a disturbing yet intriguing TV show.

The Korean series tells the story of a group of contestants competing in children's games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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The director Hwang Dong-hyuk admitted he was under a lot of stress while taking the series, he also revealed that the plot was made in 2008 and a year later, the script was written, however, the series took more than a decade to be released due to it bizarre concept. 

Last month, Netflix's CEO said. "It's only been out for nine days, and it's a very good chance it's going to be our biggest show ever," 

However, a South Korean internet service provider, SK Broadband, is suing Netflix over increased traffic thanks to the streaming service's popularity in the country.

SK Broadband alleges that traffic from Netflix on its network has increased 24-fold from May 2018 to September 2021.

They are asking that the streaming platform provide financial assistance for internet providers to deal with the increased network traffic and maintenance work.

SK estimate that the fee Netflix need to pay is about $22.9 million for 2020 alone. In a statement to CNBC, a Netflix spokesperson said: "We will review the claim that SK Broadband has filed against us. In the meantime, we continue to seek open dialogue and explore ways of working with SK Broadband in order to ensure a seamless streaming experience for our shared customers."

In another story, fans and viewers of the Korean drama believe that the translation and the subtitles of Squid Game are basically ruining the original meaning of the whole story.

One TikTok user, Youngmi Mayer, has now alleged the subtitles on the English version are “so bad” that they often lose the meaning from the original script.


#squidgame translations are sooo wrong here’s a little example

♬ original sound - youngmi

The fluent Korean speaker claimed: “The dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved.”

Mayer gave an example of a character who tried to convince people to play with her in which Youngmi explained: “Almost everything she says is being botched translation-wise… the writers, all they want you to know about her is that,” Mayer said. “Seems so small, but it’s the entire character’s purpose of being in the f***ing show.”

''Translators are underpaid and overworked and it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of producers who don’t appreciate the art.''  she continued.


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