Snoop Dogg drops it like it's hot with Iranian singer Amitis!

Published June 7th, 2015 - 11:01 GMT
A still from Amitis's "King" music video. (YouTube)
A still from Amitis's "King" music video. (YouTube)

Let's face it, US rapper Snoop Dogg is one of the world's most infamous artists, but the same can't be said for US-based Iranian singer Amitis Moghaddam - stage name Amitis!

With 64,000 followers on Facebook, Amitis is still relatively unknown, despite releasing her debut album in 2010.

And unless you happened to hear about Snoopy's collaboration with the Persian artist, her name might have remained unknown to you for forever!

More to the point though, how did the two agree on such an unseemly collaboration? Could it have something to do with Snoop's keen interest in the Middle East?

In 2005, Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny released a catchy duet titled "Si Al Sayed" with the Dogg himself. It has just over 17 million views.

Last month, Snoop released his own “Orientalist” inspired music video, which "showcased a futuristic Los Angeles, California, that has obviously reinterpreted a great deal from ancient Egyptian styles," reported stepFEED.

While Amitis usually records her music in Farsi, she made an exception with "King." Must be the "Snoop effect"! The song's lyrics see Amitis calling out for her "King." Ironically, Snoop released a single in 2013 titled "Here Comes the King."

If you're into repetitive lyrics and techno-pop music, then "King" is for you. The pharaoh-themed video comes off as cheap and low-budget, which makes it odd for a rapper of Snoop's calibre to star in.

We even tried to detect any chemistry between the two artists, but their eyes never meet in the video - even when facing one another! Could Snoop have recorded this with a green screen behind him, in an entirely different studio? He does look photoshopped into it!

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