So She Meant the Sex?! Nicole Saba's Explanation of the Now-Deleted-Image Makes the Situation Even Worse!

Published January 22nd, 2020 - 07:51 GMT
Saba was heavily criticized on Instagram (source: @nicolesabaaa Instagram)
Saba was heavily criticized on Instagram (source: @nicolesabaaa Instagram)

Nicole Saba denied pregnancy rumors. So what was the point of posting such her controversial image?

Lebanese actress Nicole Saba shared a picture with her 1.5 million Instagram followers yesterday of a lion and a lioness mating, captioning the image "Oh yes we did it!!"

Social media users and celebrity magazines interpreted the picture as a pregnancy announcement.

Saba was heavily criticized on Instagram which eventually pushed her to delete the image.

The audience didn't stop there, as they attacked her on Twitter too.

Today, Nicole published a video explaining the reason behind posting this kind of image.

Considering that her fans and audience are Arabs, many considered her message offensive in their conservative culture.


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Unfortunately Saba made things worse by saying that there are way more important things to focus on in this life, and she demanded people not to make a big deal out of the image.

This particular comment aroused outrage among social media users who aked Nicole not to undermine her audience. They also wondered, if this was not an important issue, then why did she post it in the first place?

The Lebanese actress went on to call whoever criticized her as "complicated and sexually suppressed".

She added that the picture was from an animal documentary, and that she did not create anything new with the content, stating: "especially that I added a "cool" quote to it".

As for the pregnancy, Nicole confirmed that if she gets pregnant, she will not announce it like this as she is smarter than that and will not reveal it by a picture. She said that she will be more "original and creative" with the announcement to make it as suitable and important as the news itself.

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