Nadine Al-Rassi: "The State Killed my Brother"

Published August 28th, 2022 - 07:06 GMT
"The State Killed my Brother" Nadine Al-Rassi states
Georges Al-Rassi
Celebrities mourns the death of their friend Georges Al-Rassi "Gone too soon"

Lebanese singer Georges Al-Rassi died Saturday morning at the age of 40 in a shocking car accident, where the accident occurred after returning from Damascus, where he performed a concert at the Cloud 9 Lounge on August 26.

He wasn't on his own in the car accident, the only other person in the car during the crash near Lebanon's southern border was identified by local media as Zeina al-Merehbi, al-Rassi’s manager, who also died in the incident.

Georges Al-Rassi

On the other hand, lawyer Ashraf al-Moussawi, the agent of the late George al-Rassi, wrote on Facebook a post in which he revealed that the accident was really terrible, following an accident that collided with the central barrier at the joint factory point... Where there is no lighting and no minimum elements of traffic safety... His body is in Ta'nayel Hospital and the investigation is supervised by Judge Munif Accidents."

Celebrities mourns the death of their friend Georges Al-Rassi "Gone too soon" 

After the news of his death, the hashtag (George Al-Rassi) topped the trend on Twitter Lebanon, a number of stars mourned Georges Al-Rassi through tweets on Twitter, expressing their great sadness for his passing, especially since he is still young.

Georges Wassouf mourn  via Twitter and wrote, "what a sad news this morning, so much early, George. May God grant patience to the parents of the artist George Al-Rassi for this disaster and the parents of the lady who was with him. My sincere condolences to all the fans of George Rassi."

Elissa wrote on Twitter: "May God have mercy on George Al-Rassi and patience of his family and parents. Ugly news and way too soon for such a young man who was  a victim of traffic accidents that are stealing the best of our youth. Rest In Peace, and my special condolences to my friend Nadine Al-Rassi."
 Nancy Ajram wrote, "What a horrible news!!! There is no words that can express ... May God have mercy on George and give his family patience. Nadine said: "No one knows how much the pain is" May God strengthen you and May he Rest In peace."

George Al-Rassi

Ziad Bourji wrote, "Today I lost a brother,I can't say more than that, May you Rest In Peace, George, and heaven will be yours with the consent of your parents and sisters, may God be patient with the heart of your family and your audience, and for my beloved and sister Nadine, I can't tell you anything except, Stay strong . Your pain is huge and the pain of the whole world with the loss of George is a different story, we are to God and to Him we return."

Joel Hatem, George's Al-Rassi ex-wife, wrote on WhatsApp's short story feature: "Please I'm shaking, I can't understand or answer, Please Jesus Help me."

Georges Al-Rassi

Among the stars who offered condolences on the passing of George Al-Rassi were Haifa Wehbe, Dalida Khalil, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Maya Diab, Rami Ayyash, Sasha Dahdouh, Fadi Haddad, Wael Kfoury and Firas Tabbaa, who shared his last concert before his death.

Nadine Al-Rassi, considered that the accident was not a fate, but rather the result of negligence on the part of the state, and vowed that the perpetrators will pay the price.

Nadine Al-Rassi wrote: “They will pay the price, my brother, the heavenly bridegroom.” And she continued: “ Oh my brother, my George, my hero, my brave and my support. The state killed you by putting a block of concrete and without light in the middle of he road.” Vowing that those responsible will pay the price.

Georges Al-Rassi

Rami Ayyash posted a video on his Instagram story speaking about the death of Georges Al-Rassi, and about the irresponsibility of the government.


Written By: Lara Al-Nimri

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