Suheir Al-Babli Fell into a Second Coma.. Has She Clinically Died?

Published November 7th, 2021 - 04:34 GMT
Suheir Al-Babli Fell into a Second Coma.. Has She Clinically Died?

The name of the Egyptian artist, Suheir Al-Babli, has again topped the trending lists on social media, after news circulated confirming her clinical death after the deterioration of her health condition in the last hours, a few days after being admitted to the hospital where she is currently staying after suffering a severe health crisis.

On the latest developments in her condition and the truth of what is being reported, Dr. Reda Taima, the husband of the artist’s daughter, said: 'Everything that was rumored has no basis in truth, and we ask everyone to investigate the accuracy of what is being published,'

He added: 'As for her health, unfortunately, the condition of the great artist is still very critical. And she did not witness any improvement during the last hours, as she entered a coma again, and she is currently staying in the intensive care room, and our hope did not stop for a moment and we pray for God to help her, and get her out of this crisis well, and we ask everyone to pray for her in the hope that this is the reason for her to overcome this crisis.'

Regarding the reasons for her health crisis, Dr. Reda Taima said: 'Artist Suheir Al-Babli was subjected to a disorder in her sugar levels, and unfortunately her condition deteriorated quickly, which led to entering a diabetic coma, and she is currently undergoing follow-up and treatment in the hospital.'

And what some may not know about the artist Suheir Al-Babli, he explained: 'A very simple person, loving to all people, and never skimps on helping others, and she spent most of her time in the midst of her family and preserves her worship, in addition to that she is a conscious, educated and loving woman for her homeland, which she always supports in adversity.'

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