Sulafa Mimar's mixed messages

Published August 15th, 2012 - 01:59 GMT
Sulafa says Syria is need of change but not at the cost of the country and its people
Sulafa says Syria is need of change but not at the cost of the country and its people

Syrian beauty Sulafa Mimar has left us unable to keep track of her political opinions with a revealing interview for Arabic TV this week. 

At Al Bawaba we're all for letting sleeping dogs lie, but back in July we posted an article alluding to Mimar's thoughts on the Syrian question. The star had taken to her official Facebook page with a cryptic quote from Abu Al Qasem Al Shabi's poem 'Lahin Al Hayah' (The Rhythm of Life): "If one day the people wanted life, then fate must answer." She followed this with the word "Freedom."

At the beginning of the revolution popular opinion suggested that Mimar was in support of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. After seeing this quote, fans of the actress suspected this may no longer be the case with some inferring that she might in fact be in support of Syria's revolutionaries.

The story - which had already done the rounds in the Arab press - caused quite a stir within Mimar's camp. Shortly after publishing the article we received an email from her lawyers refuting the story altogether and threatening to sue. We offered the actress the right of reply but she was unable to slot us in between scenes. 

Mimar's views on Syria were back in the spotlight when she appeared on popular chat show 'Ana Wal Asal' (Me and the Honey). Speaking to Lebanese host Nishan, the actress expressed her sorrow at the devastation and bloodshed  endured by her country.

But, whilst Mimar refused to make any directly committal statements, the star did admit to having posted the quote on Facebook. 

And, in another turn up for the books, when asked whether President al-Assad should step down from office, she once again implied an anti-Assad stance, responding that Syria is in need of change, whilst also saying this change should be achieved by means other than massacring and destroying the country.

Unsurprisingly her lawyers have since stopped harassing us but, Sulafa if you want to get in touch about an interview to set the record straight, the offer's still there!


What do you think of Sulafa's so-called position on Syria? Do you think the media needs to give the Syrian star - who might be understandably stressed about her country - a break?

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