Summaya Al Khashab might choose to veil-up

Published July 26th, 2012 - 05:31 GMT
Summaya Khashab to wear the Islamic veil?
Summaya Khashab to wear the Islamic veil?

Egyptian actress Summaya Al Khashab has said she might one day 'cover up' or wear the Islamic head-dress since she is very religious at heart.

The soul-searching actress expressed openly her belief that the Islamic head-dress (veil or Hijab) is a must in Islam, and with that in mind, there was a strong possibility she herself would suddenly decide to don it without prior warning. She was not ruling out this lifestyle change that might dramatically impact on her acting career.

During an interview on the show “Zaman Al Akhwan” (Era of the Brothers) with Lebanese host Tony Khalifa, Summaya said that she was not in the least bit surprised by the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood with Mohammed Morsi as the new President of Egypt. She took pains to mention that her previous support of Morsi’s opponent Ahmed Shafiq was based on his business credentials.

She also let it be known while she had the chance, that her absence in the January 25 Revolution should not be used as an indication of her stance as with or against the revolution.

London-based Elaph earlier reported that Summaya admitted wishing the fate of ousted Egyptian President Husni Mubarak had been different, regardless of all his wrongdoings. The way she sees it, Mubarak is an elderly man and should be treated with some sympathy.

Summaya described herself as an uncomplicated woman who accepts what life throws at her and always wishes love and happiness for everyone that matters to her and her country.

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