Taking sides? Ayten Amer on why she stood by Zeina during her legal battle against Ahmed Ezz

Published December 15th, 2015 - 01:50 GMT
Ayten stood by Zeina not because she was against Ezz or because they were "good friends." (File photo)
Ayten stood by Zeina not because she was against Ezz or because they were "good friends." (File photo)

Egyptian actress Ayten Amer admitted that she didn't stand by fellow Egyptian actress Zeina during her year-long legal battle against actor Ahmed Ezz because "they're close friends;" she did it for Zeina's kids!

The kind-hearted starlet said that she empathized with Zeina's twins - who were finally ruled as Ezz's own in June - because they have nothing to do with their parents' very public problems.

"I was standing by the two kids who aren't guilty of anything, and who have been surrounded with problems since the day they were born," Ayten explained.

Ezz repeatedly refused to take a DNA test to prove that he isn't the biological father of Zeina's twins.

Still, that doesn't mean Ayten was against Ezz in all of this.

In fact, the actress told Laha Magazine that she would love to work with the veteran actor should she be offered a role that can't be refused.

"I would immediately agree to take the part and I would take that as an opportunity to ask him why he handled the Zeina situation the way he did.

"I'm very curious to find out how Ezz's brain works and why he insists on denying the twins are his," Ayten said, according to Al Jaras Magazine.

But we can answer that for you, Ayten.

Following the Family Court in Cairo's ruling, which ordered authorities to officially register Ezz as the biological father of Zeina's two children, Ezz said that "taking the test would have been a huge insult to him."

He went on to explain that it would have been illogical for him to risk losing his reputation as a man and in showbiz over a test, according to Al Watan Voice.

"If things were that simple, any woman would accuse any man of being the father of her children and demand that he takes a DNA test too," Ezz said.

There you have it, Ayten. Still wana investigate?

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