Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni puts his fans above his wife

Published October 19th, 2012 - 12:51 GMT
Fans before  wife: Tamer Hosni
Fans before wife: Tamer Hosni

In a shock move, Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni has forbidden the launch of his new brides album. Fans are set to be disapointed as singer  and former contestant on the talent show ‘Star Academy”, Basma Bosi's new album is set to never see the light of day.

Hosni has attempted to justify his actions by saying that he had previously promised his loyal fans that he would not marry any artists. To keep this promise, he had to stop the launch of the widely-anticipated album,  Hosni said.


Ali Abdel Fatah, spokesperson of the music production company Alam El Pham which produced the album, has said that Hosni had directly intervened with the owner of the company, Muhsin Jaber, to halt the release of his wife’s album.

Hosni has also said that he does not wish to put any financial burden on the company, and Jaber has decided to offer the songs to another, as yet unidentified singer.

Bosi and Tamer announced their wedding suddenly, in what was a shock to fans. The couple held a private ceremony, with only family present. But will their relationship last if Tamer is putting his fans above his wife?


What do you think? Should Tamer Hosni have stopped the release of the album? Should he put his fans before wife? Is it wrong to break a promise? Let us know your thoughts!

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