Terri Hatcher

Published August 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Date of Birth: December 8, 1964 

Place of Birth: Sunnyvale, Calif, USA 

Sign: Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius 

Relations: Husband: Jon Tenney; daughter: Emerson Rose 

Education: Attended De Anza College and American Conservatory Theatre 


AFTER TERI HATCHER'S preternatural bosom inspired the famous "Are they real?" episode of Seinfeld (Hatcher's episode-closing response: "They're real, and they're spectacular!"), Jerry Seinfeld wasn't the only one intrigued by this impossibly petite beauty. 

Moreover, after starring in The Adventures of Superman on TV as Louis Lane, Terri Hatcher has undeniably emerged as one of the most sought-after talents on both the large and small screen. 

Hatcher was born in the Bay area to a physicist father and computer programmer mother. Hard to believe that she claims to have been an unattractive "nerd" in high school. After graduation, she attended community college to study math and engineering, then attended the American Conservatory Theatre. Although at the time she didn't have designs on an acting career, she was definitely coming out of her shell. In a remarkable transition for a former nerd, she became a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers when she was twenty. Her life began to change when she agreed to lend moral support to a friend who was attending an open casting call for The Love Boat. Hatcher won a spot in a troupe of dancing mermaids, a failed publicity attempt to up the sinking show's appeal. This small taste of success was all Hatcher needed to give acting a full-time shot.  

Later that year, after her first acting experience on The Love Boat, Hatcher made her TV acting debut as Penny Parker in MacGyver, which turned into a recurring role and initiated a painful, three-year romantic involvement with its star, Richard Dean Anderson. ("I got completely burned," Hatcher says. "He was cheating on me all over the place. It was pretty damaging.") Her romantic track record was already shaky--she had a ten-month marriage to personal trainer Markus Leithold, who has since sold his story of their short-lived coital bliss to the tabloids. 

But despite her personal problems, she continued to act, guest-starring on numerous shows and starring in several failed pilots. Hatcher managed to land small roles in several films--notably as Sylvester Stallone's sister in Tango & Cash and as a big- haired airhead in Soapdish, which showcased her comedic talents. 

But, stardom finally found Hatcher in a most unlikely role: Lois Lane in the long-running series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She gained a loyal following for her portrayal as the sexy, spunky reporter, although she says the program's evolution into a family show caught her off-guard. 

With a marriage to actor Jon Tenney (their daughter, Emerson Rose, was born in late 1997), and revealing roles in the features Heaven's Prisoners, 2 Days in the Valley, and an installment of the James Bond franchise, Tomorrow Never Dies. 




1997 Tomorrow Never Dies  

1996 Heaven's Prisoners  

1996 2 Days In the Valley  

1993 The Cool Surface  

1993 Brain Smasher... A Love Story  

1992 Straight Talk  

1991 Soapdish  

1989 The Big Picture  

1989 Tango & Cash 




1998 Seinfeld  

1993-1997 Lois & Clark: The New Advetures of Superman  

1993 Seinfeld  

1991 Dead in the Water  

1991 Sunday Dinner  

1991 The Brotherhood  

1991 The Exile 

1990 The Thing From the Grave  

1988 Baby on Board  

1987 Karen's Song  

1985-1986 The Love Boat  

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