These hot Egyptian models will make you wanna buy these clothes even if you're a woman!

Published April 5th, 2017 - 06:00 GMT
Do you like what you see? (Scoop Empire)
Do you like what you see? (Scoop Empire)

What on Earth is going on here? This is the best campaign to ever encourage consumers to go local. Concrete, Egypt’s biggest local retail store, just nailed it. Instead of resorting to social media influencers with no real life impact or male models who fail to connect with consumers, Concrete reached out to Egypt’s finest men for a one of kind photo shoot. 

Asser Yassin, Ramy Ashour, Aly Mazhar and Ahmed Hatem are the brand’s leading men and everyone is going crazy over the campaign.

Concrete launched four videos on Facebook. The first one that came out was Asser Yassin’s video. Okay, we’re used to his gorgeousness. No big deal there.

Then one of our biggest athletes, Ramy Ashour, starred in his own video, and guys can we please point out the selection of music? It is a drool inducer!

OH MY GOD! Aly Mazhar in a leather jacket, getting out of a convertible car, with the same music, is too much to handle. TOO MUCH!

Then Concrete had to take it one step further, with Ahmed Hatem as an introvert photographer, looking hotter than hell.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions that had people say stuff like “they’re more beautiful than my life” to “why are you doing this to us”:




By Karine ElTantawi

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