Too cool for school: Elham Shahin snubs ex-President Morsi

Published July 14th, 2013 - 01:11 GMT
So what? Elham Shahin turns down invite to meet Morsi. (Image: Facebok)
So what? Elham Shahin turns down invite to meet Morsi. (Image: Facebok)

Most men in power think they can get anything they want; so imagine the look on ousted Egyptian President Morsi’s face when renowned actress Elham Shahin turned down an invitation to meet him.

When Morsi was in power, the actress received a phone call inquiring whether she was interested in meeting the President. Elham thanked them but declined the offer, explaining that she has nothing to say to him or ask of him.

According to, Elham revealed that she had strong faith that the governing Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would eventually collapse, who are unfit to rule in her opinion, but was uncertain of when it would actually happen.

The politically-active acress took part in the June 30th Revolution demonstrations and chanted alongside protesters the words: “May God bring the holy month of Ramadan without the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Elham thanked God for answering her prayers and those of millions of Egyptians, because they came from the bottom of their hearts. To her, the Revolution didn’t represent the victory of one side over the other, nor did it say that the Muslim Brotherhood are the enemy of the Egyptian people; but rather that they are a part of it and her as everyone else want to live in peace with all sects of society, while praying that stability and security return to Egypt.


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