TV drama fulfills Sofia Al Omari’s passions

Published November 10th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Sofia Al Omari has always been so creative in doing the role of a spoiled high-class lady, who leads a luxurious and easy life, a character that made her very popular in all the roles she played in some of the most famous Egyptian dramas such as “Liali Al Hilmia” (Nights of Hilmia), “Hawanem Garden City” (Garden City Ladies), (zezinia), and (Opera Aida). Recently the actress is conducting a major change in her career path, as she has shown a tendency to change the former image people have of her and come up with new roles that would be added to the various ones she had already did. 


She is currently taking part in two TV dramas that portray her in ways different than what viewers are used to seeing her in. The first is called “Abiad X Abiad” (White X White), where she plays the role of a famous actress who gets old and stops being in the center of the spotlight. Sofia says that this role has challenged her from the first minute she has read the script. Adding that this was the hardest role she has ever done because it is a very complicated one that calls for being extremely specific about every detail to be able to perform the role in the proper way. 


The script was written by the late Egyptian scenarist Osama Gazi, and is directed by Ahmed Saqer. 


The second drama Sofia is taking part in is (Khan El Kanadeel), in which she considers the part a change in her career path, adding that her role is very rich and different. The role is about a woman who got married to a rich trader that dies passing her a chain of shops. She is to play the part of a strong woman who will operate the entire industry, leaving her with no social life until she meets an Egyptian PM and from there lives a romantic love story with him. 


Sofia says she is not worried that the two dramas are going to be on TV at the same time during Ramadan, adding that she completed shooting the scenes for (Abiad XAbiad) last year, but the producer thought it was so good and special that it should be on during the holy month where the percentage of viewers is at its peak. 


According to the Kuwaiti based daily, Al Qabas, Sofia added that for a long time she has been performing a stereotype role as a lady from a high social class , and she is very happy that she has been given the chance to do different kind of roles. She also prefers to take part in TV dramas rather than in the cinema because the first gives her more exposure around the Arab world. 


Sofia noted that she had starred in many dramas and played many different roles, but not one has witnessed the same level of success Nazik did, because people always expect her to portray the same character in any drama she takes part in. she added that people have come accustomed to seeing her in the role of Nazzik since the drama "Laiali El Hilmieh" had several sequels over a period of seven years. Sofia revealed that after the drama had ended she remained at home for more than three years waiting for a similar role in a new drama but of course she realized that an opportunity like that only comes once in a person's life. 


While the actress remained at home waiting for a new role to present to her audience, rumors began circulating about her disappearance with different conclusions. Some had said that Sofia had resigned from her acting career and immigrated to the US. For this reason the actress decided that in order to save her acting career from collapsing, she will start accepting offers to star in TV dramas, even if the roles are not up to standards as was her role as Nazik. In return, the actress pleaded to her audience to try and stop comparing all her roles with that of Nazik, and try to see her capability in portraying different roles.  


Sofia is UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador for Egypt, she has traveled throughout the Middle East promoting women’s right to reproductive health care, education and empowerment. In June 1999, she attended the UN General Assembly Special Session reviewing the five years since the Cairo conference on population and development. During the conference, Omari delivered a speech about Israeli violations of Palestinian women’s rights. – 

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