Shatha Hassoun: It Wasn't Elissa!

Published April 27th, 2012 - 03:05 GMT
Iraqi-Moroccan Shatha Hassoun defends Elissa
Iraqi-Moroccan Shatha Hassoun defends Elissa

Reports are rife of Lebanese singer Elissa rudely kicking an entourage of Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun fans out of the Amman hotel in which both stars stayed in Jordan.

The story cites that Shatha Hassoun’s - who grew out of the star's Star Academy break in 2007 - groupies gathered in the hotel to welcome the singer. Swept in a moment of jealous rage, Elissa allegedly unceremoniousy evacuated her rival's following.

Shatha tweet protests Elissa's innocence

This caused the Iraqi-Moroccan, Shatha, to Tweet that her regret that her fans got kicked out, but to good-naturedly insist that Elissa had nothing to do with this incident. She asked: “Why are you dragging Elissa into this, she has nothing to do with it…”

The two singers found themselves hotel buddies while in Jordan for the opening ceremony of Rotana Café.


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