UAE's Iranian immigrants hit the big screen

Published October 17th, 2012 - 10:07 GMT
Iranian actress Niki Karimi.
Iranian actress Niki Karimi.
Acclaimed Iranian actress Niki Karimi is training her camera on Dubai. Come March, she will direct a film about Iranians living in this region.
“It’s about Iranian immigrants living there. I got all the permissions sorted and I will begin to shoot in March,” said Karimi on the sidelines of Abu Dhabi International Film Festival. Karimi, who is a part of ADFF’s narrative jury competition, will not act in the feature but will direct and produce it. The director behind celebrated films such as One Night and Final Whistle says she has been shuttling between Dubai and Iran as a part of her research. She’s also its scriptwriter.
“Many people say Dubai is a fake city. But I have seen many brilliant Emirati poets at the Dubai [International] Film Festival. Also, I have many Iranian friends, the film will tell their stories. We are in pre-production stages now,” said Karimi. She may have poured the last year into this project, but is currently focussing on the films showcased at the ongoing ADFF.
“I have been a part of many jury such as Locarno, Cannes, Berlin, but here I love discovering the talent in this region,” said Karimi.

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