In Video: Egypt In Shook of a Lawyer Molesting a 7-Year Old Girl.. Rania Youssef & Mohamed Henedy Make Furious Comments

Published March 10th, 2021 - 07:21 GMT
Rania Youssef Mohamed Henedy Egypt Child Molester girl molesting pedophilia pedophile

Raniah Youssef described the molester as "human dog".

Security services in Cairo have arrested a lawyer after he was caught harassing a 7-year old girl inside an entrance of a building in Maadi, Cairo, as surveillance cameras captured the incident.

According to investigations and information gathered by security teams, the accused is 32 years old and he works as a lawyer.

Social media users circulated a video showing how the man was luring the child inside the entrance of the building to harass her and touch sensitive parts of her body.

The camera footage also shows the woman who caught the molester and saved the girl before he ran away.

Later, Cairo police was able to arrest the lawyer to refer him to Maadi Prosecution to take over the investigation.

As soon as the video spread on social media, several hashtags were launched to discuss what happened, such as #MaadiMolester and #ChildrenMolester which topped the trending list on Twitter in Egypt.

Many celebrities weighed in on the accident and expressed their fury on social media using #MaadiMolester and #ChildrenMolester hashtags.

Egyptian actress Raniah Youssef demanded officials to apply a deterrent law on harassers to serve as an example.

She tweeted: 'The crime of harassment will continue. Everyday We see a new catastrophe, and this time the last victim is an innocent girl who has not yet reached the age of 10 years.'

Raniah added: 'In order to get rid of human dogs, there has to be a deterrent law on harassers to serve as an example, and punishing those who justify harassment for any reason until we get rid of the justification that gives power to harassers. #ChildrenMolester.'

Raniah's fellow actor, comedian Mohamad Henedy said that harrasing a child is a crime.

He wrote on Twitter: 'Some people talk about concealing a horrific crime such as harassing a child ... Concealment is when you commit a sin, of course .. but when this sin does not harm anyone,'

Henedy continued: 'As for molesting a child, this is a crime ... a crime in any religion and any law ... a crime for which the perpetrator must be punished.'

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