Video:Mohamed Ramadan evacuates his hotel barefoot

Published February 22nd, 2023 - 07:34 GMT
Video: Mohamed Ramadan runs out of Riyadh hotel
Mohamad Ramadan evacuated his hotel room

ALBAWABA - Documented in an Instagram video, Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan was barefoot when the hotel demanded immediate evacuation.

Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan shared on his Instagram a video as he evacuated the hotel room in Riyadh.

The singer took a front-camera video, where the announcement by a loudspeaker can be heard saying: "Please evacuate the building."

Ramadan says to the camera: "This is the message I am getting right now from the hotel's loudspeaker, I don't know what to do. should I leave, but I'm barefoot."

While the speakers kept asking residents to evacuate, Ramadan quickly ran upstairs to put on shoes while he was smoking a cigarette.

It is reported that the evacuation was an emergency test for the safety of residents in case of an earthquake or fire. 



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