Vox Lux Releases First Trailer Featuring Natalie Portman

Published October 27th, 2018 - 06:33 GMT
(Natalie Portman/ Twitter)
(Natalie Portman/ Twitter)

Vox Lux released a first trailer featuring Natalie Portman.

The 37-year-old actress plays Celeste, a troubled music superstar who catapulted to fame as a teenager after surviving a tragedy with her sister, Eleanor (Stacy Martin).

The trailer shows a present-day Celeste about to stage her comeback with a new album. Jude Law co-stars as the character's manager, with Jennifer Ehle as her publicist and Raffey Cassidy as her daughter.

"I definitely had the experiences of what people expect from you, and what strangers expect of you, so all of that I could draw from," Portman said of Celeste's struggle with fame in a recent interview with Coming Soon.

"She's a really wild character that we haven't seen before," she added. "It's really a reflection of the time, [with] pop culture, violence and media."

Vox Lux is directed by The Childhood of a Leader helmer Brady Corbet and opens in theaters Dec. 7. The film features music from Australian singer Sia, according to Deadline.

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