Wafa Amer walks away from seductive roles

Published November 15th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Wafa Amer has announced that admits that she is never going back to seductive roles, and always makes it a point to leave her fame and career outside her home not allowing it to interfere in her personal life. Wafa had previously without any prior warning packed her bags and stepped down from the theater world announcing her resignation. Wafa had been undergoing rehearsals for a play under the direction of Jalal Al Sharqawi, which after the actress’s decision had to be postponed until a later date.  


The cast of the play revealed that before Wafa announced her resignation from the play, she had a quarrel with the director over the fact that she had skipped a number of rehearsals without prior notice. Wafa went into rage and walked away from the director stressing that she did not care what will become of the play. The disputes between her and Jalal occurred for different reasons over points of view, but things were sorted out and I’m back the play as normal. 


According to the London based magazine, Laha, Wafa had taken part in two different works last Ramadan contradicting one another in terms of characters played, as Fayzah in the dram (Ameera Fi Abdeen) and Camilia in the drama (Fares Bila Jawad) (A Knight without a Horse). She intended on performing different personalities in the two dramas to introduce a new side of herself to her fans. She was very happy when Samira Ahmed offered me the part as Fayza who dies defending her honor, as it was a very important cause that she believes in. 


The actress stressed that she is always attempting to introduce something new in her career by performing different personalities proving her capability as an actress. She added that she wanted to take people away from the misconception that she solely performs roles of seduction. Wafa noted that she is willing to jeopardize receiving parts to act out in different films if they mean she must undergo seductive roles, and says that she has faith that one day a good director will show up and will appreciates her talent as a worthy actress. 


Amer’s absence from the scenes in the past had caused the rise of many rumors that she had ended her acting career, married in secrecy, and was thinking seriously of wearing the Islamic headdress (Hijab). With regards to Islam, Wafa admitted to attending religious classes with former actresses, who had given-up acting and dedicated themselves to God, on a regular basis. She stressed that these classes brought comfort and changed many aspects in her daily life.  


Wafa said that she began to associate her daily life with the teaching of Islam and became closer to God, in addition to performing the daily pillars of Islam such as praying and reading the holy Koran. In a personal interview, Wafa stressed that she does not intend on ending her acting career for it’s her only source of income and has nothing to do with her dedication to God.  


The actress added that she did in fact get married but not in secrecy, for she is currently married to a well-respected man who is not part of the acting world. She said that a love story had brought them together, which ended in a blissful union. –Albawaba.com 

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