War and Love for Ramadan: Sunset Oasis

Published June 6th, 2017 - 11:35 GMT
Sunset Oasis. (DMC)
Sunset Oasis. (DMC)

There are many great television shows gracing our screens this Ramadan. Keeping up with them all is a problem. But some are more exciting than others.

Sunset Oasis ("Wahet al Ghoroub") is one of these. Based off of Bahaa Taher's International Prize for Arabic Fiction-winning novel—a highly prestigious prize called the "Arabic Booker"—Sunset Oasis is a historical novel about a disgraced officer named Mahmoud Abd El Zahir who is exiled to Siwa in the 1890s. With him comes his wife Catherine, who is Irish.

Starring Khaled El Nabawy—off of films like Mission: Impossible and The Citizen—the show explores the intertwined relationship between love, identity, and country. His Mahmoud is a sympathetic but blistering character, a conflicted Egyptian police officer who finds himself supporting Ahmed Oraby's uprising against British colonialism.

Menna Shalaby stars opposite him as Cathrine. She plays the role with a nuance that makes the protagonists' deepening resentment of the British forces all the more fascinating to watch.

It is a well-made, deeply interesting show, with very high production values and a good number of directors behind the camera. It makes us wish that more Arabic shows gave this kind of attention to their work and attempted to tackle issues this complex. Maybe a new other IPAF-winning and nominated works could provide the material needed?

Sunset Oasis airs at 10:00 pm KSA on DMC. El Adl Group has also been putting-up the episodes on their YouTube channel. Check the first episode here.

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