Watch Amal Clooney condemn Trump's racist comments in the classiest way possible

Published April 27th, 2016 - 01:19 GMT
Amal Clooney, 38, said she is 'perplexed' that Trump's controversial comments have not slowed him down within the Republican party. (File photo)
Amal Clooney, 38, said she is 'perplexed' that Trump's controversial comments have not slowed him down within the Republican party. (File photo)

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney called out The Donald for his 'statements against women' and Islamophobic comments he's made while campaigning for president.

In an interview with the BBC on Monday, Clooney didn't hold back on her criticism for Donald Trump and his comments on banning Muslims from the United States. 

Clooney thinks that the GOP front-runner should be challenged on his extreme views.

'When you listen to what the leading candidate on the Republican side has been saying about building walls, about excluding Mexicans and a complete shutdown of all Muslims entering in, and if you actually look at what he specifically said in that now infamous speech about Muslims, he kept saying, 'They only want jihad. They don't believe in our way of life. They don't respect our system,'' Clooney said.

'And when he says 'they' and you watch the media coverage afterwards, people, I think, should have been saying 'Do you mean the 1.5 billion people around the world who fit that description? 

'Do you mean the people who are U.S. citizens who are members of your military who are, the vast majority of whom are not violent or extremists in any way?'  

The 38-year-old brunette, who is married to Hollywood actor George Clooney, sat down for her first US television interview to discuss human rights issues in the Maldives and made no mention of her opinion of US politics with NBC in January.

She also told the BBC that she is 'perplexed' that the billionaire's inflammatory comments toward women and Muslims have not slowed down his popularity within the Republican party. 

'I'm probably as perplexed as you are as somebody viewing these things,' Clooney, who was born in Beirut and raised in London, said. 

'There's an ad on the TV in the U.S. where they went through all these statements he's made against women and you watch that and you think 'Gosh.' 

'He has a really high negative rating. I don't think he's going to get much of the women's vote as a result of that.'

Clooney, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter along with her 54-year-old husband, thinks that a win by the former first lady would send a strong and perfect message to Trump and his team. 

'If, at the end of all of this, he gets beaten by the person who becomes the first female president of the United States, then I think that would send a very positive message from the electorate back to him as to what they really think of those points of view,' Clooney said. 

'I don't think they are U.S. values.' 

Trump didn't hold back in his comments about Clinton during his victory speech Tuesday night after he won primaries for the Republican party in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

'The only thing she's got going is the woman's card,' he said of Clinton, the former secretary of state, responding to her speech a half-hour earlier. 'And the beautiful thing is: Women don't like her.'

'Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man I don't think she would get 5 per cent of the vote,' Trump declared.

'We will beat Hillary so easily,' he predicted, stopping himself to insert his preferred nickname for her.

'I call her crooked Hillary. She's crooked. She'll be a horrible president,' he said.

By Regina F. Graham

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