Watch out, Lindsay Lohan's about! Actress back with social media prank show

Published March 22nd, 2017 - 10:09 GMT
Lohan currently resides in Dubai. (YouTube)
Lohan currently resides in Dubai. (YouTube)

She has stayed away from the acting industry over the last few years, following an incredibly successful career in her youth.

However Lindsay Lohan is set to make an explosive return to screens this year, after the trailer for her new reality show, The Anti-Social Network, was leaked to MailOnline exclusively on Tuesday.

The Parent Trap star, 30, is certainly coming back with a bang as she fronts a new prank show - which sees her take full control of fans' social media accounts for 24 hours, without their knowledge.

As a regular social media user, Lindsay is putting her expertise to good use as she takes over contestants' social media accounts on the show.

Similar to that of MTV classic Punk'd, the redhead will play pranks on unwitting individuals by messaging their friends and posting statuses online - with the contestants having to complete the challenges for lavish prizes. 

In the dramatic trailer, the Freaky Friday star looks better and more excited than ever as she explains her energetic comeback to fans. 

She begins: 'I love social media. I am social media,' before laughing ominously: 'Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around... especially near me.' 

She went on: 'So, I've decided to hijack your social media for a whole 24 hours.

'If you can pull off 3 challenges, then you'll win some fabulous prizes. But they won't know I'm the one pulling the strings.' 

The trailer then teases at the antics of her first victim Charlie - who is forced to pose naked for an art class, perform stand-up comedy, and even declare his love for his boss as part of the brutally hilarious challenges.

Proving herself serious in her quest, she added dramatically at the trailer's end: 'I want to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth.

Before referring to her own online presence with a wink: 'And I am really, good.'  

At the start of 2017, the actress was seen deleting all her existing posts on Instagram in what her manager Scott Carlsen described as a period of change.

He exclusively told of the sudden action: 'Lohan is in a period of renewal and has been making positive changes in her life.'

The actress herself then went on to voice her high hopes for the year - no doubt already knowing about her big TV break - by adding: 'I am so excited for this new chapter in my life!'

Via YouTube

It has almost been ten years since Lindsay was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and then again for the possession of cocaine in July of the same year.

However after removing herself from the showbiz world completely, Lindsay is now making her return after a full transformation - having turned her recent attention to a number of philanthropic projects in Syria and Turkey.

Lindsay recently spoke to Good Morning Britain to admit that she has finally found a sense of 'solace' in her life, after hitting the milestone age of 30 and embracing her spiritual side.

She explained last month: 'Studying the Koran is something I found solace in, a religion where I found a lot of peace.'

'I have reached inside and I found what I want my intentions to be in the world... focusing on taking control of what I want out of life.' 

As well as the new TV series, Lindsay will also star in the upcoming horror-crime film The Shadow Within, with her revealing of the flick: 'It shows how you can find love in the darkest places.'

While the coming year is looking bright, Lindsay is no doubt happy to say goodbye to 2016 - which was a somewhat tumultuous year for actress.

She called off her engagement to 23-year-old businessman Egor Tarabasov, just a few months after the Russian investor asked for her hand in marriage, amid claims of physical harm and financial greed.  

In October, things worsened when she had her ring finger partially ripped off in a fishing accident in Turkey.

However, a friend luckily managed to get hold of the missing part, allowing it to be secured back on by a plastic surgeon.   

By Julia Pritchard

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