Welcome to the world Mini-Mohammad Abdo!

Published July 3rd, 2013 - 08:48 GMT
Proud Daddy Mohammed Abdo and his son Khaled (Image: Facebook)
Proud Daddy Mohammed Abdo and his son Khaled (Image: Facebook)

There are no baby blues in the Abdo household, as the legendary singer has exclusively shared the happy pictures of his newborn son with the world.

Given the strong relationship the singer has with Sayidaty Magazine, it's no surprise that they grabbed a hold of the first published pictures of little Baby Abdo.

The baby's French Algerian Mamma, Suad, scandalously went to medical school with the songster's daughter, Wid, from his first wife. Suad and Mohammad met while he was on a medical trip in France. Wid had visited her Daddy several times while on his trip, with Suad coming along for fun.

Fun soon turned into love!

Although this was a shocking tale of love to his fans, the loved-up singer admitted that this is the first time he had tasted true happiness.

Suad must have been his lucky charm, as she blessed him with his firstborn son.

On fatherhood, Abdo said that Khaled (the baby) revives him and brings joy back to his day, regardless of how exhausted he's been on that day.

The sweet Papa said that Khaled and his Mama will be traveling with him everywhere, as he is unable to leave them for even a minute. Aww, that's just too cute for words. 

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