Who is the Best Actress? Qusai Khouli Responds to a Question About Nadine Njeim

Published May 22nd, 2019 - 09:03 GMT
Qusay Khouli was the guest of the show Majmooet Insan
Qusay Khouli was the guest of the show 'Majmooet Insan' (Source: kosaikhaulii - Instagram)

Syrian actor Qusay Khouli was surprised by an embarrassing question about Nadine Nassib Njeim, his fellow actress in the series "Khamsa w Nos" (Five and a Half) which is currently being screened, yet he responded in a smart way.

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Qusay Khouli was the guest of the show "Majmooet Insan" (Human) and when he was asked by presenter Ali Alayani about who is a better actress, Solafa Mimar or Nadine Najim, the Syrian star said: "I say we ask Nadine and Solaf ask this question," but the presenter pushed him to answer frankly.

The Syrian star continued to say: "Solafa has a technical academic background based on a four-year study. We studied every day for 14 hours." The announcer interrupted him saying "It means she is the better actress?"

"No, no, Nadine belongs to another school," said Qusay Khouli. "She worked on her self and became very popular. She is a workaholic and when Nadine and I worked together we reached a result that we both appreciate and that we are extremely satisfied with."

Even before some people assumed Qusay's words would anger Nadine, she was quick to comment on his words by posting a Tweet, in which he wrote: "Qusay, my friend, what you said yesterday was so sweet of you. God be with you and give you all the success."

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