This Ramadan, Love: TV's Most Stable Couple

Published June 19th, 2017 - 07:19 GMT
Don't Extinguish the Sun. (CBC)
Don't Extinguish the Sun. (CBC)

We’ve had our faces glued to our TVs, phones, and laptop screens for the past three weeks. One thing that has resonated with all of us, from watching Ramadani series', is the fact that relationships can suck. There is not a single show on TV without a cheater. While every year the cheaters are usually men, this time the tables have turned and women are having affairs left and right.

We have a bitter ballerina who was cheated on by her husband and best friend. We have a man who is in love with his stunning wife, yet—because apparently this makes sense—she is too chic for his taste and which turns him off, and pushes him to leave her for someone from a different social class.

We have a woman cheating on her husband with his business partner, while her sister is cheating on her obviously gay husband with her music teacher, all whilst being in love with her best friend. We have another woman falsely accused of cheating with her brother-in-law, but she is actually cheating with her husband’s boss.

Long story short, no one’s big on monogamy or faithfulness this month and we find ourselves scared of love. But once again, the Internet had something hilarious to say about it.

Someone just crowned the characters of Nader and Amgad from “La Totfe2 El Shams” (Don’t Extinguish the Sun) as this Ramadan’s most stable couple. It goes without saying that this relationship is anything but stable. However, amidst a sea of cheaters and liars, these two men were a port in a storm. The post has now garnered over 1,000 shares.

( / Mahmoud Zelzal)

For those not in the know, Nader is a rich and entitled young man who married Aya, played by Jamila Awad, only to turn out to be involved with another man. It is never bluntly said, but Egypt caught onto the subtext.

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