Who wore it worse: Myriam Fares vs Fifi Abdo

Published April 27th, 2017 - 08:45 GMT
Do you like what you see? (Soltana)
Do you like what you see? (Soltana)

Who wore it better? What, you mean that long, flowery mauve dress that both Lebanese star Myriam Fares and Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo picked out at separate times for a special event?

Via Laha Magazine

Obviously, model-like Myriam's body was shaped for a dress like that, unlike Fifi's rounder figure. 

However, we shouldn't be focusing on who wore it better; we should be focusing on why they went for such a hideous dress in the first place. 

Actually, in Fifi's case that's kind of understandable. It's not like she's famous for her great wardrobe choices. 

But Myriam, well, she's a style icon and despite making some "bold" fashion statements, all in all, she's a little fashionista. 

We've one piece of advice for the dress's designer: This type of gown should only be made in small sizes.

Finally, because we don't want to be accused of being mean, these are our favorite looks by Myriam Fares (we tried and failed with Fifi):

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