Why Jim Carrey Dumped Renee

Published January 5th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Jim Carrey dumped fiancée Renee Zellweger after she gave him an angry ultimatum: Set a wedding date or else! 

In the brutal final showdown, the twice-wed Grinch star told Renee he'd rather end the romance than tie the knot again, then took off on a Hawaiian "pre-honeymoon" they'd planned, alone. 

That's the real story behind the headline-making split, according to The National Enquirer

"Jim and Renee are over, after a vicious fight that ended their engagement she went on a wild pizza-eating binge and he flew off to Hawaii," a source close to the couple said. 

"Over the summer, Renee and Jim had a similar argument. She told him she wasn't going to hang around as his girlfriend unless he promised to marry her within a year. 

"Then while Renee was in London filming her upcoming flick Bridget Jones' Diary, Jim took her out to an elegant candlelight dinner. He presented her with a $60,000 diamond ring and asked her to be his wife. 

"Renee was ecstatic and accepted on the spot." 

But the 18-month relationship has not enjoyed smooth sailing, said an insider. 

"Jim is manic depressive. He's prone to wild mood swings and they have taken a toll on Renee. 

"Renee is no walk in the park either. She's got a temper to end all tempers. 

"Renee also wants kids but Jim has a teenage daughter by his first wife Melissa and he's in no rush to have any more children. 

"All the disagreements came to a head at Jim's Brentwood house on Thursday, December 7. 

"The two were discussing their plans to spend Christmas in Kona, Hawaii. Renee suggested they tie the knot in Hawaii, one of their favorite romantic spots. 

"Jim pulled back and told Renee she needed to cool it on the marriage talk. 

"But Renee pushed, and finally Jim said, 'I'm not talking about this anymore.' 

"Renee flipped. She told Jim he was either going to set a date within six months or she was hitting the road. 

"Jim said he couldn't make any promises. He started screaming at the top of his lungs that Renee had no right to issue him an ultimatum. 

"Renee was crying, but she was also furious. She said, 'Either we're getting married soon or we're over.' 

"Jim shrugged his shoulders and said, 'Do what you want.' 

"Renee grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. 

"She was in hysterics when she arrived at her nearby home. She spent most of the next day on the phone with her friends, who tried to console her. 

"During the day one of her closest friends had an assistant from her agent's office deliver a 'package' to her home. But Renee was in such bad shape that she told the assistant to leave the package at her gate. She didn't want to let anyone see her in such a sorry state. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying all day. 

"The assistant told her the package had to be hand delivered, so she let him in. The 'package' was seven hot pizzas for Renee! 

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