Will the Clooney couple keep up with Brangelina and adopt?

Published November 19th, 2015 - 04:47 GMT
Are these lovebirds ready to add to their family? (Image Archive)
Are these lovebirds ready to add to their family? (Image Archive)

We've already discussed how Amal Clooney's Lebanese family is surely putting the pressure cooker on for her to bake a little bun in the oven after having been in holy matrimony for over a year.

We speculated that perhaps she's having difficulty getting pregnant due to her significant weight loss since saying "I do" to George Clooney, and we've also been open to the fact that a child may not even be on the power couple's horizon. Although, some sources had alluded that the lovebirds were ready to fill their nest immediately after the nuptials.

Recently, word has spread that the two may be considering adopting a child from a war-torn country. With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as their close pals, perhaps the passion for nurturing those already in need of parents has worn off on George and Amal.

Age could potentially be another concern for the 37-year-old human rights lawyer. She's certainly got a few child-bearing years left, but some womem in her age group worry over the elevated risks involved in birthing their first child so close to age 40.

Not gonna lie that we'd love to see what could come from their combined gorgeous genetics, but love makes family. We'll be happy for them however they end up filling their house with the laughter of littles.

Renovations to their $15 million dollar estate are said to include a nursery, playroom, and quarters for a nanny, according to "Design & Trend". If that doesn't scream baby-ready, we're not sure what does!

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