Will She Accept the Invitation? Mia Khalifa Is Invited To Visit Saudi Arabia Only if She Wears Abaya! (Video)

Published December 1st, 2020 - 08:30 GMT
Will She Accept the Invitation? Mia Khalifa Is Invited To Visit Saudi Arabia Only if She Wears an Abaya! (Video)

It all started because of Kuwaiti singer Shams.

Shams has received a warm welcome by locals in Hail city, Saudi Arabia in her latest visit to the country.

Many videos of her trip went viral on social media. In one of them she was seen heading a group of locals in a huge tent and singing for them.


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Lots of questions were raised by Khaliji people on why a deep-rooted city like Hail would invite a singer like Shams, especially since she's know for her controversial statements and not so much decent outfits.

The Kuwaiti singer's social call has sparked Saudi Snapchat celebrity Mishal Al-Jaloud's outrage because she had received a totally different treatment by Hail locals when she visited the city.

Mishal has been kicked out of the city, and even spat on by a local. At the time she stated that she will not visit the city again except for the purpose of business, adding that it is not a tourist city because they do not respect their guests.

Al-Jaloud received this kind of reaction because she had provoked Saudis when she shun obligatory abaya.

Later she shared a bold picture of Shams from her music video 'Eshtah' just to highlight the double standards some Saudis have.

Mishal Al-Jaloud was not the only one angered by Hail locals' warm welcome of Shams.

Saudi diver Haifa Altwailai criticized them in video by snapping at them in a comedy sketch.

She said: "Mia Khalifa is thinking of doing internal tourism in Saudi Arabia."

Haifa then gave Mia an advice: "Do not come without an abaya, put it on and they will host you in the middle of their house, and they will even write poems for you."


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