Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Take Down a Drug Dealer in 'Bad Boy 3' Trailer

Published September 5th, 2019 - 07:37 GMT
the crime thriller is set to release in January of 2020.
the crime thriller is set to release in January of 2020.
The first installment of the Bad Boys franchise premiered in 1995, followed by a sequel in 2003.

Now, seventeen years later, Will Smith, 50, and Martin Lawrence, 54, will be returning to fight crime yet again in the fourth film, Bad Boys For Life.

And on Wednesday, the official trailer for the highly anticipated movie was released, showing the actors as they take on the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel.

Starting things off strong, the clip opens on the men as they prepare to fight.

'One last time?' Martin asks as Will echoes him saying, 'one last time.'

The scene then pans to a rooftop overlooking the city at night, before the two men are seen smiling and pointing at each other while taking a swig of their drinks.

With guns firing and huge explosions going off around them, Will, who plays detective Mike Lowrey, and Martin, who plays Detective Marcus Burnett, are back to battle the bad guys.

After the title flashes, the trailer opens on a sleek blue Porsche showing Smith as he steps out of the driver side, looking extremely sleek.

Failing to match his partner in bravado, Martin instead struggles to climb out of the vehicle - hitting his passenger side door on a fire hydrant.

'Come on man,' Smith - who looked stylish in an orange patterned shirt - screams.

'You can get that buffed out,' Lowrey replies.

'No, you can get that buffed out,' the I Am Legend actor shoots back. 

The partners then burst into a motel room with guns in hand, telling the suspect to 'get down.'

As Will goes bad cop on the unsuspecting man, Martin tells his partner to step back saying, he's 'got this.'

'I'm going to penetrate this man's soul with my heart,' the cop declares.

Attempting to appeal to the criminal's human side doesn't work, however, because within seconds, the man hit Martin, causing him to bash his face into a wooden desk.

'How deep you think you got in his soul?' Smith jokes as she rushes to his friend.

The trailer then cuts to the cops enjoying some libations together, as Burnett tells his pal he's planning on retiring.

Then, audiences watch as Mike gets reprimanded for leaving a mess at his last crime scene. 

'You didn't shoot anybody?' yells Captain Howard, played by Joe Pantoliano.

'Oh come on Captain, you know I shot some people,' Mike retorts as a montage of him firing rounds while sliding across the floor plays.

From there, numerous clips of raging clubs, fast cars and gun fights flash across the screen.

At one point, Marcus runs next to a hospital bed as it gets wheeled down the hall.

After that, the men are seen leaping from a truck bed up to a ladder that's hanging from a helicopter as fire rages all around them. 

The trailer ends with a slew of other police officers, played by Charles Melton, Alexander Ludwig and Vanessa Hudgens, singing the recognizable jingle that everyone knows from the first movie.

They jokingly chant: 'Bad boys, bad boys... what you gonna do? what you gonna do?'

But before finishing the tune, Smith cuts them off yelling, 'No, never. Ya'll will never do that again.'

DJ Khaled will also be joining the all-star cast, making an appearance as Manny the Butcher.

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the new movie has a reported budget of $100 million.

And already, the next film is slated, with Bad Boys 4 currently in pre-production.

As for Bad Boys For Life, the crime thriller is set to release in January of 2020.


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