Woody Harrelson's Would Have Become a Thief or a Drug Dealer If He Wasn't an Actor!

Published September 30th, 2018 - 07:53 GMT
The 'Hunger Games' star got his big break in sitcom 'Cheers' (Source: Woody Harrelson - Shutterstock)
The 'Hunger Games' star got his big break in sitcom 'Cheers' (Source: Woody Harrelson - Shutterstock)

Woody Harrelson thinks he'd have been a "criminal" if he hadn't become an actor.

The 57-year-old actor enjoys the nice lifestyle he has due to fame and knows it's something he'd have wanted if he hadn't had a successful film and TV career so would have resorted to illegal means in order to be comfortable.

Asked what he'd have done if he wasn't an actor, he told Radio Times magazine: "A criminal. I just know me, I know how I think.

"I would have wanted this lifestyle but I probably wouldn't have done all the work necessary. And so I would have become a thief or a drug dealer.

"Playing a thief in 'Solo' did feel like putting on a glove that really fits."

The 'Hunger Games' star - who has three daughters with wife Laura Louie - got his big break in sitcom 'Cheers' and he revealed he's heading back to the small screen soon, all being well.

He said: "I am coming back [to TV]. I have two projects I want to do. Better not mention them because nothing is real yet, but there's two things I think are great that I'll probably do."

The 'True Detective' actor likes the fact TV allows him to spend more time with a character - and he thinks that's great for viewers too.

He said: "The advantage of TV filming is that you're in one place for a while. And that's cool if you're going to be with your family.

"And you get to explore a character for a little deeper and longer. I know as a viewer there are these characters you fall in love with and if it was just two hours and then you didn't ever see them again, it'd be a drag.

"Like 'The Handmaid's Tale' - if that was two hours I'd feel cheated."

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