The World Cup 2022 belongs to Qatar, says rapper Akon!

Published March 30th, 2016 - 04:05 GMT
Rapper Akon says 2022 World Cup should stay in Qatar. (Facebook)
Rapper Akon says 2022 World Cup should stay in Qatar. (Facebook)

While some aren't keen on Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, American singer Akon has other opinions. 

In an impromptu interview with online gossip magazine TMZ at LAX, Akon openly voiced his support for the upcoming event. 

It's no surprise that the "Lonely" hitmaker has strong opinions about this, seeing as he's a massive football fan.

Not a total stranger to Arab culture - having performed in both Qatar and the Gulf in the past - when the TMZ reporter cited several criticisms of the Gulf nation, Akon responded,

“I think it needs to stay where it’s at. You gotta think, soccer is a universal sport. And yes it will be in areas where people share cultures that you may not agree. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.  You know, people don’t agree with cultures in the west, people don’t agree with cultures in the east. 

Everywhere you go in the world everyone had adapted a culture that they came up and was brought up on. And we just as people have to take the time to educate ourselves to those cultures to better understand it. We can’t just assume our culture or the way we live is better than someone else’s.

And I think the World Cup, doing things like this, actually if they continue to keep it there, it will set a big precedent. You know what I mean? And it shows that soccer is for everybody, regardless of what. You know what I mean? That the sport itself should be shared.”

Qatar will be the first Arab country to host the international footie competition, but since it was awarded hosting rights six years ago it's been "dogged by corruption allegations and concerns about the treatment of its blue-collar workforce," reports Doha News.

While many have called for the 2022 games to be moved to another country, FIFA have stood by their decision to host it in Qatar.

The controversies surrounding the topic weren't of any concern to Akon, who focused on the positives instead, saying, 

“I think if they move it (out of Qatar), it will put a big dent in FIFA in a negative way. I think that FIFA should keep the integrity of allowing the sport to be for all. It’s for all us to share.”

Do you think Akon makes a good point?

You can watch the full interview here.

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