Yalda Golsharifi is Now Controversial Because Her Husband Loves Her

Published August 7th, 2017 - 11:48 GMT
Yalda Golsharifi. (Instagram / ygolsharifi)
Yalda Golsharifi. (Instagram / ygolsharifi)

Does a husband have the right to show affection towards his consenting, happy wife?

Pretend you like to follow celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat. Pretend you wake-up one morning , grab your coffee, open your Snapchat account, and find yourself clicking to see a celebrity’s news story. Then pretend that you find a video—or photo—of that celebrity’s spouse showing affection. Let’s pretend, too, that this shocks you.

Do you drop your coffee in horror, then demand an apology? Or do you just move on with your life?

Former fashion editor and director Yalda Golsharifi found herself at the centre of controversy today when she posted a Snapchat photo of her Kuwaiti husband, giving her a foot massage.

Her husband then gives her foot a little kiss, grossing-out followers, who—instead of, say, unsubscribing from her Snapchat account—said they were disgusted. The collective hive decided that such imagery should not be put into the spotlight.

Above: The horror.

Golsharifi has a huge Instagram and Snapchat following, and often shares private details from her life.

It’s hard to discern what’s more depressing: the thought that the bar is so low on Arabic celebrities that we’re talking about a man publicly showing affection, or the possibility that, instead of this being the actual stupidest Arabic celeb story of the day, it could be the stupidest Arabic celeb story of the day so far.

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