Yousra says no fluff, but please no political stuff

Published April 23rd, 2013 - 07:02 GMT
Yousra says "Please, no" to Egyptian politics
Yousra says "Please, no" to Egyptian politics

There’s nothing funny about the current political situation in Egypt, but Yousra would rather limit her career to cartoons than step into something political right now.

The Egyptian native actress gives the skinny on the direction of her career ahead. She says there’s no way she’s going to take part in anything that has to do with the state of her country, but she did have a role in the film "Al Asifah" (The Storm), which depicts the invasion of Kuwaiti by Iraqi forces, 10 years after Gulf war.

According to, Yousra will be in a new TV drama titled "Inahum La Ya'kloun Al Kharfoush" (They Don’t Eat Artichoke) to be aired during the coming Ramadan season, but she wants to change the title. Good move, Yousra. Good move.

Even though she’s interested in animated films, the well-known star doesn’t want to go for projects of fluff. Cartoons she’s seen from the U.S. have moved her to tears, and she would accept any such role that holds true meaning.

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