GETEX Autumn 2011 to hold separate exhibitions in Dubai and Bahrain

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Published August 9th, 2011 - 06:33 GMT
GETEX Autumn 2011
GETEX Autumn 2011

GETEX Autumn, the Middle East and Asia's leading education, training and professional development event, has announced that it will hold its 2011 edition with a stronger focus on vocation education and professional development, two fast-emerging career trends in the region’s growth pattern. GETEX Autumn 2011 will be hosted at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from October 26 to 28, and will move on  to the Gulf Hotel in Manama, Bahrain from October 29 to November 1.

GETEX Autumn will also offer a range of undergraduate and post-graduate programs targeting the student community in the UAE. Likewise, Bahrain is an equally important venue for GETEX Autumn as nearly a third of Bahrain’s entire population are students between the secondary and undergraduate level, creating a huge market for higher education providers.

Anselm Godinho, Managing Director, International Conferences & Exhibitions (IC&E), organisers of the event, said: "The demand for work placements in the GCC is extremely competitive resulting in high demand of education and professional development programs. Additionally, the size of the region’s student population and the eagerness of parents to invest in quality education for their children have definitely helped fuel the dynamism in the region’s education sector.

There is also an increasing number of private and public sector organisations that are now investing in professional development programs for their staff. This will work to the advantage of training organizations present in the region that should be active in marketing their programs to individuals and companies who regularly visit GETEX to scout for contacts.

In a nutshell, GETEX Autumn serves as an ideal networking platform that will help sustain these positive trends and cultivate a culture of learning and excellence in the region.”

Academic courses that are now in great demand in the Arab World including subject streams in medicine, HR, marketing & communications, humanities, business, finance, research, accounting and management can be found at GETEX Autumn. On the other hand, vocational and occupational courses such as engineering, architecture, interior design, aviation, computing & IT, creative arts, fashion, graphic design, hospitality, nursing & occupational health, photography, teaching and technical programs have found a niche market in the region and is growing exponentially. GETEX Autumn offers these study options too.

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