Kindi signs partnership agreement with PR Launchers

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Published May 30th, 2011 - 06:41 GMT

Kindi, the leading international company specialized in developing Flash applications security software solutions, signed a partnership agreement with PR Launchers for public relations by which the later manages its communications activities. 

As per the agreement, PR Launchers will employ its expertise to develop and execute a media plan specialized for Kindi to reinforce its presence in the Arab markets, utilizing the global best practices and modern media communication techniques. 

In his comment, Kindi CEO Mr. Ammar Mardawi said, “Considered the first and most renowned company to work in the field of Flash applications security. Kindi has a strong international presence, especially since its SecureSWF software became an essential protection tool for companies working in the field of Flash applications such as Adobe, Sony along with a client base of thousands of companies from all over the world.’   

“Despite our Arab identity and our success story which began in Amman, our contact with the regional media stayed limited. Therefore, bridging the communication gap with the Arab Media institutions and maintaining the Jordanian identity of Kindi, we decided to hand this task to PR Launchers for their remarkable record in managing Public Relations strategies,” He added.  

From his side, PR Launchers Managing Partner, Amjad Baker expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, praising Kindi’s ability to prove its technical skills, programming expertise, and placing itself among the largest e-solutions companies in the world.  

“Kindi managed to successfully protect software providers from piracy acts which continue to target their products causing huge financial and intellectual property losses,” Baker said. 

Baker added, “We are so proud to add Kindi to our client list, happily employing our broad Arab network to serve their needs.” affirming PR Launchers’ dedication to employing their best efforts to assist IMC-Jordan achieves its current and future objectives.

It is worth noting that Kindi, the leading company specialized in developing internet and computer software solutions, operates on a global scale. Considered one of its most important products, SecureSWF software, is the world’s best Flash applications security software being used by international companies such as Adobe, Pandora and Scribd. 

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Kindi was established in March 2005, to provide its clients with a variety of products and services to help them better protect their applications. In a world where intellectual property is a major concern for software providers, and theft only requires a few mouse clicks and a bad intention, creative people need to focus on their innovation instead of worrying about their ideas being hijacked. Our products provide developers and artists with an easy-to-use and effective way to strengthen security and protect the intellectual property of their media rich applications. 

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