KULACOM joins Open Data Center Alliance

Press release
Published January 17th, 2011 - 11:46 GMT

KULACOM Jordan, a leading competitive integrated communications carrier, has announced that it is one of the first companies in the Middle East Region to become an Adopter Member of the Open Data Center Alliance, an independent IT consortium comprised of leading global organizations from a wide array of industries who have come together to address the technical requirements needed for future datacenters and cloud infrastructure.   

“As part of the Alliance, KULACOM will collaborate with other members to engage the industry to innovate on open standards, move the Internet to its next stage of development, and deliver an open, interoperable and secure cloud for all business and consumer uses,” stated Mr. Hazim Alaeddin, KULACOM Jordan’s CEO.

 In support of its mission to provide a unified long-term vision for data center requirements, the Alliance is developing and delivering an Open Data Center Usage Model Roadmap, which defines Usage Model requirements to resolve key IT challenges and fulfill cloud infrastructure needs into the future. This vendor-agnostic Roadmap serves as the foundation for member planning of future data center deployments, and relies on open, interoperable, industry-standard solutions. 

“As a global consortium, the Open Data Center Alliance welcomes KULACOM as one of our first Middle East members, and we look forward to their engagement,” said Marvin Wheeler, Chief Strategy Officer, Terremark, and Open Data Center Alliance Chairman and Secretary.  “The Alliance encourages all companies that leverage cloud or data center infrastructure and are unencumbered by vendor interests to become members and to be a part of defining data centers of the future.” 

In support of its mission, the Alliance has established five technical Workgroups focused on infrastructure, management, security, services and government/ecosystem. Each Workgroup is tasked with fully defining the requirements of each prioritized usage model toward the future delivery of a detailed technical documentation suite to be utilized by vendors and members as guidance for deployments. 

The Open Data Center Alliance is led by a Steering Committee comprised of 10 global IT leaders, which include BMW, China Life, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International Inc., National Australia Bank, Shell, Terremark and UBS, and joined, by over 70 members representing a broad array of industries including enterprise IT, solutions providers and Telco’s.