That's totes not cool, Assi! Helani insults Moroccans with new single

Published May 19th, 2014 - 01:02 GMT

Assi Helani’s Moroccan fans are upset with the Lebanese singer’s latest single!

The superstar was criticised on social media for the number of Moroccan street slang used in his song “Al Sata.” Native Moroccan speakers said that his lyrics have nothing to do with the original Moroccan dialect and the slang used is inappropriate.

According to them, “Al Sata” is slang for “girls,” and it originally means the “Queen” in a playing card.

So where’s the problem in all that? Many Moroccans apparently refuse to use that word as part of their dialect!

According to, unlike other singers who were successful in singing songs with the Moroccan dialect, such as Lebanese singers Diana Haddad, Myriam Fares and Pascal Mashaalani, Assi's song has been struck with bad luck from the moment it was released for using a term not-existent in the Moroccan dictionary.

Head of the Moroccan Artists Union Abdel Ali Al Ghawi said: "Personally and as an artist, I refuse to accept the slang terms used in Assi's song, because they don’t reflect Moroccans and their dialect."

He added: "For Assi to make a kind gesture as to sing to Moroccans I think is a good think, but he must use the right words for his Moroccan fans and not insult them with using slang language. The majority of terms he uses are inappropriate and their use should not be encouraged. I believe that he should be aware of his mistake and that his song uses terms that are very insulting to Moroccan women."

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