Deletion of inappropriate scenes from TV dramas during Ramadan

Published August 9th, 2010 - 04:05 GMT
Scenes from the TV drama "Al Hajjeh Zahra"
Scenes from the TV drama "Al Hajjeh Zahra"

The censorship committee for the Egyptian television has decided to delete numerous scenes they considered inappropriate from television dramas to be aired during the holy month of Ramadan. The committee considered that having inappropriate scenes is not right and should be removed to show respect for the holy month.

Scenes from the drama “Al Aar” (The Disgrace) have been removed especially one that have sexual connotations that give rise for sexual desire, in addition to scenes that talk about drugs and secret marriage.

The drama “Al Hajjah Zahra” also got its fair share of deletions, but the deletion was not of inappropriate scenes, rather it was of inappropriate intimate talk about the relationship between married couples.

Numerous other dramas experienced deletion like “Mamlakat al Jabal” (The Mountain Kingdom), “Azmat Sukar” (Sugar Crisis) and others.

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