Director of “Al Musafer” denies provoking viewers with intimate scenes

Published July 26th, 2011 - 01:10 GMT
Khaled Al Nabawi and Sireen Abd Al Nour
Khaled Al Nabawi and Sireen Abd Al Nour

Egyptian director Ahmad Maher, director of the film “Al Musafer” (The Traveler), denied rumors that the intimate scene between the leading stars Lebanese actress Sireen Abd Al Nour and Egyptian actor Khaled Al Nabawi is used to stimulate viewers. The director stressed that he insisted on keeping the scene in addition to the breastfeeding scene and refused to have them omitted because they are important for the film as a whole.


Ahmad said in an interview with the program “Yallah Cinema” on Dream TV that he refused to abide by the demands of the Egyptian Censorship Committee to omit the scenes because they are an important part of the story of the film and omitting them would mean jeopardizing the film.


Maher also denied that he insisted on the scenes to attract viewers to the film and make more profits, stressing that the film will be screened to the Egyptian people as it was screened to over 100 countries worldwide.


The Egyptian Censorship had strongly opposed the two scenes stating that they are inappropriate for the average viewer, but after long negotiations decided to keep them.


The film stars Sireen, Khaled and prominent Egyptian legendary actor Omar Al Shareef and is a production of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.


The film was previously scheduled to be screened in Egyptian cinema houses at the begging of the current month, but was postponed to an undetermined date due to the current unstable conditions in Egypt.

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