Elissa willing to have a child out of wedlock

Published January 4th, 2011 - 09:04 GMT
Elissa on the show 'Ibshir' with Nishan
Elissa on the show 'Ibshir' with Nishan

Lebanese singer Elissa openly stated that she has no problem with getting pregnant and having a child without being married. She added that cultural ethics and traditions in Lebanon do not accept such matters and it is not in her nature to go against laws and traditions.


Elissa made her statements on the entertainment show “Ibshir”, which is aired on the satellite channel MBC and hosted by Lebanese broadcaster Nishan. On the show, Elissa also said she is waiting for her better half and hopes to find the right man to start a family with, especially since getting married and having children is one of her dreams.


According to the internet website MBC.net, Elissa refused to be referred to as an old maiden since she has not gotten married and stressed that every female should be independent financially and mentally.


With regards to her latest album “Bitsadaq bi meen” (Who do you believe) and the significant success it is witnessing, Elissa stated that it is a result of twelve years of experience and hard work.

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