Facebook campaign urging Hanan Turk to take off Hijab

Published June 26th, 2011 - 05:05 GMT
Facebook page calling Hanan to take off Hijab
Facebook page calling Hanan to take off Hijab

A campaign on Facebook was launched by a group of people calling on Egyptian actress Hanan Turk to take off the Hijab, Islamic headdress, and return to acting without. The campaign gave rise to debate between people supporting it and those who strongly opposed and condemned it.

Organizers of the campaign created a page on the social network Facebook and called it “A request for actress Hanan Turk to return to her fans without the Hijab” and had placed two pictures of the actress one wearing the Hijab and another without it.

Members of the group said that Hanan is a beautiful actress and she does not own herself but rather her fans have a share of her. It was added that since Hanan decided to wear the Hijab she has been suitable for a limited number of roles.

others argued that Hanan’s decision to wear the Hijab is her personal freedom and people should respect her decision to do as she please. It was added that Hanan’s decision is based on the fact that she is a Muslim woman who decided to wear the Hijab after being convinced that it is the right thing to do regardless of her profession or what others may think.

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