Ghada Abd Al Raziq elects Islamists

Published March 2nd, 2012 - 02:55 GMT
Ghada Abd Al Raziq
Ghada Abd Al Raziq

Prominent Egyptian actress Ghada Abd Al Raziq revealed that she had voted for the Muslim Brotherhood during the recent Egyptian Parliamentary election.  Ghada said that on election day, she entered the voting booth and stood for ten minutes thinking that she needs to see change and she must stand up to her fear of the Islamists taking power and give them a chance to prove they can conditions in Egypt to the better.


With regards to the presidency of Egypt, Ghada said she has not yet made up her mind on who best suits such a position and strongly believes that the man to take the seat as President in Egypt has not yet appeared in the political scene.


On a different note, Ghada confessed that she regrets her recent television drama “Samarah”, which was aired during the Ramadan season of 2011. She said that if she could go back in time she would not have agreed to play in the drama.


Ghada stated that she decided to stop acting her traditional roles as a commoner and from now on she will play ones of a completely different nature. She added that in her upcoming television drama “Ma’ Sibq Al Israr” (With insistency), she plays the role of mother of three children.



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