Najwa Karam accused of imitating Nicole Kidman

Published January 4th, 2011 - 08:53 GMT
Najwa Karam in her latest music video
Najwa Karam in her latest music video

Lebanese director Fadi Haddad denied circulating rumors that the story of the latest clip for Lebanese singer Najwa Karam “Lashhad Hubbak” (I will beg for your love), which he directed, is an imitation of the film by internationally known actress Nicole Kidman “Nine”. He stressed that one of the four scenes in the clip is similar to the film in spirit and not actuality.


Critics had accused Fadi of imitating Nicole’s film in the clip and stated he did not introduce anything new or unique.


According to the internet website, Fadi clarified that the clip is 4 minutes and 55 seconds long not including the introduction, and scene that is said to be an imitation of the film by Kidman is 45 seconds long. He added that he considers it an honor to have his work be compared to a film that costs over 800 million US dollars and took three and a half years to complete. Fadi also said that he thanks all those who accused him of imitating the film and considers it as a positive thing not a negative one.


Fadi said that he wanted to send out a message to the west with the clip that says people in the Middle East are able to make great achievements like in the West, but sometimes financial obstacles stand in the way. He added that the clip for Najwa is like no other he created in the past.


The director also noted that those who made such accusations are jealous and spiteful individuals who are not able to reach a portion of the success he or Najwa have.



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