Oops, my bad! Safinaz says she didn't know the whole flag costume thing would be insulting

Published August 19th, 2014 - 04:26 GMT


She's always got some sort of scandal or drama encircling her it seems, and Safinaz is claiming naive innocence on the latest reason she's in trouble.

The Armenian belly dancer created some offended hearts and upturned noses after she sported an Egyptian flag as part of her costume during a recent performance, an act deemed punishable by deportation from the country.

The hip-shaker stresses that she had no prior knowledge that her outfit was insulting to the flag or the people it symbolizes.

According to Laha Magazine, Safinaz stated that if she had known her costume is insulting she would not have worn it, because she would never purposely insult the country that made her famous and allowed her to expand her fame.

Safinaz said, "My intentions were good, and when I wore a belly dancing outfit made out of the flag I was trying to celebrate the success of Egypt in ending its political crises and it was a way of showing my love to Egyptians."  Safinaz denied reports that she was called in for questioning by authorities in Egypt after it was said that there were complaints made against her.

Safinaz was harshly attacked after the incident of the belly dancing outfit: composer Amro Mustafa cursed her and many began to demand she be deported.

Is Safinaz a friend or foe to the country of Egypt? Please spill your thoughts in the comment box below!



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