Lipton launches a new initiative to shed light on women’s creative achievements; aims to inspire Saudi women

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Published January 16th, 2011 - 07:57 GMT

For the first time in KSA, an initiative fostering dialogue between women was launched in order to create an interactive platform that brings together women representing different generations and creative groups in the Saudi society, who managed to overcome all sorts of social, economical and educational barriers, and presented significant achievements related to specific social and personal causes. The initiative will kick off from Jeddah, and reach out to several Saudi cities. The first monthly panel of the “Inspirational Dialogues” initiative, launched by Unilever Lipton as a part of its CSR programs in KSA, will be held with a host of leading Saudi women, to talk about their experiences on personal, professional and social levels. The panel includes an open discussion session entitled “Your Success is Our Inspiration”. 

The “Inspirational Dialogues” initiative, launched for the first time in Saudi Arabia by Unilever Lipton, offers an ideal platform for Saudi women of all ages to engage in constructive dialogues on three main topics, the first being “Inspiration to Set an Example”, where the major participants discuss their achievements on personal and social levels, highlighting the challenges they faced and the traditional stereotyping they had to change in order to raise awareness within their society about women’s capabilities and their right to prove themselves as active members in the society. The session will also discuss the development of Saudi women in recent year, especially with their increased access to better education and the series of educational initiatives launches by the Saudi government, to achieve social sustainability and strengthen women’s roles in developing all aspects of Saudi life. Some other factors include the increasing rate of internet and modern communication technologies usage among women, and the growing role of media in discussing feminist issues, which played a vital role in raising awareness among women and encouraging them to explore their true potentials and taking their own decisions. 

On the other hand, the “Achievement by Understanding Reality” session is based upon the participants’ experience regarding the growth of women’s capabilities, based on the changing social norms, the availability of educational programs, and the increasing margin of freedom that allowed women, generation after the other, of creating significant achievements that played a major role in changing the current reality, and gave women new tools to excl and be more creative. The session will allow interaction between the speakers and the attendees, to discuss the best methods of understanding social reality, and the main factors that can help women in playing a more active role in social development. 

The third topic, “Ambition and Understanding the Future”, is to be the main focus of the initiative. It discusses the future of Saudi women and their ambitions, as the participants talk about their dreams and future needs to reach new heights in terms of Saudi women taking their place among leading nations, and present their cultural visions on local, regional and international levels. 

Tawfeeq Al Akhras , Marketing Director of  food & beverages Unilever KSA, noted that “over the years Lipton bonded with the Saudi society and enriched their daily life with moments of happiness and delight, and contributed in various cultural & social traditions and became an icon of hospitality in the kingdom, This initiative represents Lipton’s commitment to the Long term relationship with the Saudi community ,which aims at helping the attendees finding a role model that would encourage them to pursue their ambitions and build a better future for themselves and, subsequently, the society as a whole. We are very proud to launch this initiative, because it creates a stepping stone for young Saudi women to start exploring new paths for themselves that fulfill their personal ambitions and enhance their role in building a better future”. 

The “Creative Dialogues” panel will be a brainstorming session to help women recognize their own potentials, through understanding relevant success stories, and benefiting from local development programs in this regard. This includes discussing several important issues, like the percentage of women’s employment in private and public sectors, and their executive achievements and roles in decision making. “Creative Dialogues” will also discuss the way society looks at working women, and the level of encouragement they receive from their families and surroundings, while highlighting their achievements as professional women leading successful domestic lives too. The event will tackle issues of education and healthcare, and the challenges faced by young Saudi women within the modern lifestyle, and comparing that with the experiences of other women in neighboring countries. 

Nazik Al Emam, Saudi Radio presenter & moderator of Inspirational Dialogues Commented “This Initiative was made possible through the strong achievements of Saudi women, and said that the “Creative Dialogues” events was organized to support women and highlight their success to set an example for the new generation, who might not yet know where, or how, to start”. 

The event is set to host successful women who present real examples of academic and professional Saudi women who’ve been strongly active in public service and developmental programs. This will include media personalities, business women, artists, photographers, and other talented women. 

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