‘Mr. Bone Saw Is Not Welcome’: Tunisians File Lawsuit Against MBS Visit

Published November 26th, 2018 - 12:17 GMT
A protestor brandishes a chainsaw in a gallows humor reference to the murder of journalist Khashoggi (Socialmedia)
A protestor brandishes a chainsaw in a gallows humor reference to the murder of journalist Khashoggi (Socialmedia)

Tunisians have been sharing photos of a huge poster published by by the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists, showing MBS holding a bone saw. It reads: “No to the desecration of the land of revolution, Tunisia."

This comes as part of larger protests have been taking place in some parts of Tunisia, after the government confirmed that Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, aka MBS, is visiting the north African nation. Tunisia will be one of his stops in the region before flying to Argentina where he is scheduled to attend the two-day Group of 20 Summit with world leaders.

Photos for the poster were widely shared on social media with more Tunisians and Arabs as well, are riding the wave.

Tunisians, who were the inspiration of the Arab Spring and are now a model of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, expressed their rejection toward MBS' upcoming visit as part of standing up for Khahoggi’s memory and all journalists around the world who might face the same fate under dictatorships.

Translation: “A message from Tunisia, the revolution country, to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists.”

“The blood of Khashoggi has not dried yet, the murderer bin Salman is not welcome in Tunisia, the country of democratic transition,” the president of the journalists’ syndicate, Neji Bghouri said.

The protest was not only for Khashoggi, activists also highlighted the Saudi-led war in Yemen and the killing of thousands of civilians, leading to a giant and unreported human crisis.

One activist said: “It is a shame that Tunisia, which has witnessed a democratic transition and a revolution against tyranny and dictatorship, will receive a criminal whose hands were stained with the blood of Saudis and Yemenis.”

In addition to the latest developments were seen initiated by the Saudi government toward normalizing relations with Israel out of favor of Palestinians and the Palestine Cause.

Meanwhile, lawyers, human rights activists and journalists have joined the outcry. They filed a lawsuit in the Tunisian courts to oppose the visit.

Tunisians stance on MBS' visit has received massive support and praise around the Middle East where they have been leading the region in freedom and democratic values. Tunisia has been always an inspiration for Arab youth who are dreaming of freedom.

They have also recieved international support.

Karen Attiah, Jamal Khashoggi’s editor in the Washington Post had expressed her support with Tunisians in their demands.

Egyptians, Palestinians and Moroccans also supported Tunisians.

Translation: “The National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists rejected MBS visit to Tunisia saying: “The aim of this visit is to whitewash his [MBS] bloody history but we will never give up our revolution gains. We respond to Tunisia: Thanks. Mr. Bone Saw visit to Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania is shame. Where [he is going] else?”

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